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Here's the deal. One company, but two sites:a manufacturing plant registered with registrar x; a sales service, communications, technical support site registered by registrat y.

' want to combine both sites under one registrar to ISO 9002 (94) by end of year without rewriting documentation (presently each site has independent systems, complete with quality manuals, level 2's and 3's.

An approach considered is writing an overview document outlining approach using existing documentation.

Has anyone seen this and can provide examples?


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I haven't seen it with 2 different registrars but with one corporation owning several companies it's not uncommon. Just do a high level flow chart which ties together the two. It's really little different than 2 functional areas within a company.

A big (extreme) example would be Motorola. All the semi-conductor plants are on one certificate but each plant has their own quality systems manual, their own level 2's, etc. Sector (in Austin) is the 'mother' ship which pulls everything together and has their own 'top' quality sytstems manual.

You might want to do a cross-reference matrix to the '94 standard and each location's level 2's.

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It might be possible to transfer the registrar of facility #1 to the registrar of facility #2.

With this you would still have two separate registrations with one registrar. This could give you the time to merge the varying processes of the two facilities under one registration from one registrar.

Just a thought!

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