Metric/Way to show how Internal DPPM and External DPPM relate to each other



I am trying find an easy metric/way to show how internal DPPM and external DPPM relates to each other.

IMO you would like to see Higher Internal and a Lower External. Then slowly perform Root Cause Analysis to lower the Internal without effecting External.

What would be a good goal for Internal.

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Re: Internal vs External DPPM


It is hard to determine a relationship without seeing the data. I think once you perform the data gathering and analysis, the story will be more clear. The relationship, IMO, is going to be unique to the maturity of the product(s) / process that you want to measure. There's too much unknown right now. For example, there could be a low level of detection (lack of test method rigor) that results in low internal DPPM but causes a high external DPPM. I am sure there are many other scenarios. When doing this sort of analysis, consider comparing newer vs more mature products.

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