Metrics for dashboard, FMEA?


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I am making dashboard/design for manufacturing use. I am looking at different tools and try to figure out which tool are relevant for a business itelligence / analytic approach. In short: What I do is to take huge data from ERP systems, make the calculations etc. and present them nicely.

So what is relevant in this approach. I have had a look at OEE, but also for instance FMEA. As I understand FMEA it might not be relevant for a dashboard as it is a process management tool for a single sprint/project, and it does not focus on historic data?

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FMEA is not a metric it is a method. you could report RPNs or severity classes but there are a lot of RPNs in every FMEA so this is very complex. it is also a very discontinuous measurement that doesn't change very often. what action would this metric drive? averaging RPNs doesn't seem to be very sensitive or actionable...

When creating a dashboard we typically start with what aspects of People, Quality, Delivery and cost that we want the users of the dashboard to 'control' or 'influence'.

start there and then determine which metrics will work for you...
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