Mexico medical device registration - for demo


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Dear members of Elsmar,

Does anybody know which regulation/registration are applicable to medical device intended to be exported to Mexico?
Namely, my team planning to do shipment there, one device just for demonstration purposes (not for sale) so I someone is able to give me instructions/guidelines or links to COFEPRIS it will be appreciated, since I am not sure are registration requirements applicable to all medical devices or only to ones intended to be sold.

Thanks in advance.


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Emergo (I have no relationship with them) has a page with some links. I looked into this a few years ago and everything on the Mexican government site was in Spanish.

From what I recall, regulations were pretty sparse.
You can do it by a Temporary Importation Permit but this must be asked by a company that is already registered as Medical Device Distributor company in Mexico and they cna do it in a platform called VUCEM.
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