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Midterm Fall 2005

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Steve Prevette

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This will be a proctored exam.

Time Limit : 2 hours

Computers and calculators may be used. Computers are limited to using a word processor, with no pre-saved programs or files. Do not discuss this test with other students until after the tests are returned by the instructor.

Exams proctored at locations other than Richland WA must be proctored by City University staff, then collected and faxed or sealed in an envelope signed and dated by the proctor, and may then be sent to Richland with the student.

One sheet of notes, 8-1/2 inch by 11 inch, both sides, is allowed.


Draw a PERT network from a schedule table 10 points

A production Linear Program 10 points

Determine the Critical Path, Project Duration, and questions about changes to individual compontents 15 points

Transportation Problem Linear Program 15 points

Purchasing Linear Program 10 points

Beer Game Essay - including the "whip saw" effect - 20 points

Linear Programming - effects of "projectization" and "suboptimization" and failure to understand interactions Essay 20 points.
Not open for further replies.
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