Mil-Std-130N, can calibration be a nationally traceable standard?


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Question; does Mil-std-130N restrict the testing of barcode verifiers only to GS1 test cards, or can any card that is referenced to nationally traceable standards be used? If the GS1 card becomes unavailable, is it acceptable to use other vendors calibrated and traceable cards?

Mil-std-130N says: Calibration. Calibration processes and materials for reflectance criteria provided
by the verifier manufacturer are acceptable for printed labels when referenced to the nationally
traceable standard (GS1 US Calibrated Conformance Standard Test Cards)

Maybe this is a little ambiguous, but wouldn't any Primary reference test symbol that was calibrated to "the nationally traceable standard" be suitable? Do the parentheses in the Mil Std. have special significance?
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