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Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
Perhaps you could try submitting it to The Elsmar Cove Publishing House...
I'll be drawing off of works I have in here, but once stuff gets attched here it's considered open source and publishers usually want to attach a copyright on works they promote.

Wes Bucey

Prophet of Profit
There used to be a stigma attached to self-publishing, often called Vanity Press, but in the world of computers and internet and e-books, the concept no longer has a stigma (especially when the books are well-written and literate) and promotion through a venue like Elsmar Cove (a great demographic for the book as you describe it) can easily generate some sales.

One of the most important things publishers do for authors is present a realistic look at a market for the book and provide a team of experts to design, copyread, and proofread the manuscript prior to actually creating the finished book. Today, through the power of the internet, those folks no longer have to be in the same building, let alone the same country, in order to provide a service to the author.

Bottom line:
It may be easier to create your own ad hoc publishing group than depend on circulating a raw manuscript to dozens of publishers and/or agents. Why not do a little research on the topic?
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