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Any of you fine quality focused folk :rolleyes: ever used Mind mapping techniques within your profession?
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Claes Gefvenberg said:
Mindmapping? Absolutley, all the time.... It's a great tool. Let's hear about your experiences?

Hi Claes.
I have personaly found the use of Mind mapping software to be the most cost efficient form Information creation, development, sharing and knowledge management to date.
My experience with the software use of Mind mapping tools and techniques to date, is quite extensive.
I can tell you that I have recently mapped out an organizational quality system using an excellent mind mapping software package from Norway, using it as an interface manager. My clients were just blown away.
They later informed me that they can now perform with ease most of their documented QMS audits for the most part in a paperless format.
I have found software Mind mapping to be an invaluable tool for continuous improvement, using the techniques and tools for encouraging and motivating large or small groups to brainstorm and perform cause and effect analyses.
The short learning curve of Most of the software packages out there are short enough for the casual PC user to get a handle on, after that it becomes rather infectious and begins to spread throughout an organization like wild fire when this form of communication is accepted and standardized. the results are just phenomenal Claes, don't you agree?

"Knowldedge as part of the information economy, is of no profitable use, unless it is developed, clearly understood and re-invested as an improvement tool"


Perform a google search for Mind mapping and you'll have more than enough information on this fascinating subject.

Mind mapping was developed by Tony Buzan of the UK during the late 60's. It was initially developed as a non linear form of hand drawn note taking, using many colours and images to cause memory retention. It has in the last 10 years been further developed by many software organizations as a powerfull yet user friendly personal and business tool for creating, managing, saving and distributing information primarily in a mapped format. the mapped information can be easily exported to Word, PowerPoint as well as saving as an image file for presentation purposes.

Let me say that, you don't need to familiarize yourself with the hand drawn from of Mind mapping at all, but feel free to access all the information you need or want on the hand drawn formats.

Regarding its use within the quality, safety and environmental areas, I would say that creating pertinent information for infusion into a work place and workforce culture is important enough for Mind mapping as an effective and efficient business and personal tool, to be at the very least investigated for possible use.

I have introduced my employer Ford at my location to the power of Mind mapping as an effective communications tool and they are at this time investigating two (2) excellent Mind mapping software packages.
I have used both Visual Mind www.visual-mind.com and Mind genius www.mindgenius.com for @two (2) years now and I can say that the playing field is level regarding the capabilities of the two software packages. I'm using the beta version of the re-designed Visual Mind software and. I can say that it tends to be leaning positively towards becoming a more capable software package than Mind genius.
You can generally download any Mind mapping software package with all the full time functions for the proverbial 30 day trial period. I would say a week is about enough time to decide the software best suited to your personal and business needs.
If you need any more information re-this subject, I would be pleased to help you all I can.




Hi Wallace,

I think the "map" may have lost something in being imported into Word - apart from 1 small graphic at the top, it's basically come out as a text list of points.

I must admit I've never really thought of using mind maps as anything other than a study aid, so would be interested to see an example of how you are using them. :bigwave:
I guess the right side of my brain isn't focused! I can't see anything beyond a flow diagram package.


Visual mapping

I recently used Mind mapping software to compile an operator parts and tools list associated with a task.
To my surprise, the mapped information format was a big hit with the guys on the production floor.
I found the Production guys, supervisors, material handling and area managers were all so impressed with the simplicity and clarity of the mapped information that, they have all in turn approached me for further practical uses of the software for communicating information in a clear and understandable format.
The standard QPS (Quality Process Sheet) is being overlooked and the mapped information is being accessed more often for info clarity.
I tend to place all relevant info on a single A4 size sheet in either landscape or portrair formats, depeding on the layout of the info.
I have though had 1x.5 metre sized maps made up for presentation purposes.
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