Minitab ANOVA Error Message - *ERROR* No data in column.



Hello everyone,
this is the first time I post in this forum. I'm a new minitab user, I hope you can help me: I was doing a multiple way ANOVA with minitab "General Linear Model" tool. I have three factors, one of which (Peff) is random and a continuos variable. Minitab gives me the following error message:

GFMain 'n' 'Va' 'Peff';
Responses 'Fx';
FMeans C4000

*ERROR* No data in column.

What I did wrong?
If you need more details you'll just say.
(my english is not very good, so sorry).

[This is what my session window displays:
General Linear Model: Fx versus n; Va; Peff

Factor Type Levels Values
n fixed 3 800; 1200; 1600
Va fixed 3 500; 1500; 3000
Peff random 80 0,03060; 0,03120; 0,03400; 0,03800; 0,04113; 0,04620;
0,04957; 0,05120; 0,05183; 0,05253; 0,05480; 0,05690;
0,05760; 0,06330; 0,06770; 0,06820; 0,06870; 0,07073;
0,07123; 0,07260; 0,07480; 0,08520; 0,08730; 0,08982;
0,08990; 0,09250; 0,09360; 0,10140; 0,10562; 0,10760;
0,11150; 0,11637; 0,11820; 0,12842; 0,13070; 0,13310;
0,13670; 0,13920; 0,13940; 0,13944; 0,14330; 0,14560;
0,14670; 0,14913; 0,14926; 0,15160; 0,15900; 0,16040;
0,16146; 0,16520; 0,17360; 0,18063; 0,18490; 0,26560;
0,26984; 0,27650; 0,27680; 0,27960; 0,28210; 0,28640;
0,28800; 0,29480; 0,29570; 0,30311; 0,30400; 0,30680;
0,30934; 0,31240; 0,31520; 0,32170; 0,32400; 0,32720;
0,33106; 0,33240; 0,33960; 0,34270; 0,34700; 0,34820;
0,34947; 0,35170

Analysis of Variance for Fx, using Adjusted SS for Tests

Source Model DF DF Seq SS
n 2 2 146478,9
Va 2 2 38387,0
Peff 79 74+ 62496,0
n*Va 4 0+ 0,0
Va*Peff 158 0+ 0,0
n*Peff 158 0+ 0,0
Error -323 2 18,8
Total 80 80 247380,8

+ Rank deficiency due to empty cells, unbalanced nesting, collinearity, or an
undeclared covariate. No storage of results or further analysis will be

S = 3,06757 R-Sq = 99,99% R-Sq(adj) = 99,70%]
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That error tends to imply that you dont have data in a column, eg one of them is blank.

It should have warned you if they are different lengths but check from the info window column lengths to ensure they are consistent.

Well I dont think thats the problem, but more something it is trying to do with the graphs is giving you that error.

What I can see in the results is Peff has a lot of numeric values, is it a continuous input? Even used as a random factor as it is each different level is being considered a seperate level to analyse by. If you want to consider it as a continuous input to run a regression on specify Peff in the covariate section as well as in the model.

Basically the model ran out of degrees of freedom using 80 different values of peff and then couldnt create a set of calculated means to generate main effects plots from.


it could be the fact that the data is written in the eurpoean way, where a comma (,) represents a (.) so in the US we would say 0.5 to mean 1/2 in Europe they may say 0,5 If this is the case, simply go into the preference section and tell minitab that the comma represents the decimal point. Try that and see.
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