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I would greatly appreciate it if somebody could help me with a scripting problem I am having with minitab.

I have data for over 100 companies with fields such as ticker, profit, share price, debt, cashflow etc. There is also a time field (indicating what year the data row pertains to). The field "ticker" that uniquely identifies each company. Basically what I would like to do is perform an individual regression for each company for the variable "profit".

If done manually this would entail doing over 100 regressions. I was wondering whether someone has a suggestion on how to automate this process with a script? I have a background as a programmer but I can't find much documentation about scripting in minitab.
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you can write macros for Minitab. Basic informations are provided in the thread MiniTab Reporting Capabilities (post #11 and #13). The basic steps are the same for R15 and R16, but R16 provides some new useful commands.

To get the results for the companies seperately, I would use the following commands:
  • Split (get a single worksheet for every company)
  • Worksheet (to select a specific worksheet)
  • Regression or GReg (the first being the command for the menu "regression", the other for "general regression)
with the appropriate settings.

The easiest way to get a syntax is to do 1 analysis manually with the menus, click on the yellow pad in the tool bar (-> Show history) and copy the syntax to a text editor (e.g. Notepad, Notepad++).

You can find all commands and the options for them in the Minitab help files:
Help > Help > Reference: Session commands
There are also some useful tutorial on how to use commands and the different kind of macros Minitab provides.

Hope this helps,

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