Minitab runs at different speeds on identical PCs



Given two identical spec PCs:
i5-3470, 3.2GHz, 8GB RAM, 110GB SSD
running identical operating systems:
Win 10 1709
and the same version of Minitab (v18)

then I'd expect both machines to execute a macro in the same length of time but that's not what I'm finding. The slowest part of the macro involves bootstraping a column but on one machine 20 bootstraps take less than 3 mins but on the other PC it takes over 20 mins.

I can't upload the macro code (intellectual property) so suspect I might not get much feedback but can anyone suggest anything why one PC runs at a sensible speed while the other one crawls at a snails pace?

NB I'm not seeing this difference in performance on any other applications on the two PCs. The problem only shows up in this macro in Minitab 18.


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I am definitely NOT an expert on PC's, however I do have one possible cause for the difference you are noting.

Although the machines are identical, the software that has been loaded on them (not just the software you are using, but ANY software) and the use of the machine has written data in various places in the RAM and other locations. It is conceivable (at least to me) that on the slower machine, the macro has to 'route around' these previously overwritten areas.

Hopefully you will get an answer from someone who truly understands this, and can either support my answer, or give you a better one :)


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If it was me, I'd contact Minitab's tech support people. One of the things they're likely to suggest is uninstalling the software and re-installing it.


Thank you for the suggestions:

1) Yes, different software configurations might have an impact but I should have added that the software on both machines is also identical, deployed from the same image, so I don't see that as being the root cause.

2) Contacting Minitab Support is on my 'to do' list but the wisdom of real world users is often a quicker way to a fix :D

If I get to the bottom of this, I'll post back.


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Maybe one system optimized for use of SSD under Win 10 and one not? I think there are setting in the registry that can be used for optimization... Could IT or a user have tinkered with that? Maybe someone whom did not want to wait 20 min ;-)


I will check with my IT Dept. about that but regardless of how Win 10 is set to work with the SSD they should both be set up in the same way as it in my understanding Win 10 was installed from the image file.

The 'fast' PC is the one on my desk and although I'm quite good at tinkering with Windows, it's not been tweaked as you suggest. My IT Dept. do not allow lesser mortals like myself to tinker with Registry settings :(


PS I've submitted this issue to Minitab Support now, I'm waiting for their feedback.
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