"Minor" Address Change Implications on Product Labeling Requirements

Mark Meer

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Situation to consider:

We lease office space, so our address includes physical address (building), and the suite number. As part of ongoing building renovations, we have been offered a suite across the hall (so they can renovate our current space).

This is tempting, as it is a nicer space, and would have no effect on mail delivery, as the building operates with a shared mailroom (sorted by company/tenant name, not by suite number).

BUT: the cost to change all our labelling would be substantial.

My question: Is it possible to justify leaving labels as-is because, in practice, this has no effect on communications or mail-delivery? True, the labels would technically have the incorrect suite number, but if it is assured that anything posted to the address is received by us, what other implications are there to consider?


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re: "Minor" Address Change Implications on Product Labeling Requirements

Do you have people who receive the labels (customers, suppliers, delivery people)? If so there may be some confusion.

Mark Meer

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Re: "Minor" Address Change Implications

Suppliers and delivery persons won't be affected because, as I say, everything incoming & outgoing to the building arrives and leaves via a shared mailroom. In practice, the suite number could be anything - as long as the building address is correct, we will receive all deliveries.

The labels are on product so, yes, customers will be seeing an incorrect suite number. However, I can't see any possible source of confusion. In practice, customers rarely, if ever, contact us by mail, and even if they did, like I say, an incorrect suite number wouldn't make any difference.

Similarly, if someone were to physically visit our office, the actual suites are in a secured area, requiring registration at a public reception area. We are notified of all visitors, and provide a company liaison to meet visitors at the reception area.