Miscellaneous lessons from Tosebo


Neil Suits

When I learned about blind fury

I didn’t usually lose my temper, but one time I learned that anyone can completely lose it. We were playing Frisbee baseball. I was on second and the ‘batter’ threw the Frisbee, which was caught by the pitcher. As I was running to third base, he tagged me out by slapping me on the chest with the Frisbee. He did not hit me that hard, and there was no malice involved, but the Frisbee slammed into me just right, like a belly flopper, and it was extremely painful. I absolutely saw red. I remember things going black before my eyes. He was walking back to the pitcher’s mound smiling innocently. I ran over to him and slammed him on the back with my fist as hard as I could. I was out of control, but it ended as quickly as it began. I don’t know that I’ve ever been as angry as I was for that short moment, but it taught me an important lesson that even I could completely lose control.

Neil Suits

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