MMOG (Material Management Operations Guide) Replaces MS9000 - Ford said do it or else


Don Reid

We are implementing this standard(?) as part of Q1. We don't want too; Ford said do it or else!!

Has anybody got any good tips, ideas, ways of convincing Ford that we comply to it when in reality we don't?


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Don Reid

MS9000 is the Ford specific Materials Management Systems Requirements. Apparently, Ford does not think that QS9000 effectively deals with materials and logistics requirements so they developed MS9000. It is now mandatory if a company wants Q1.


I thought I'd weigh in on the board with this old and forgotten thread about an old and forgotten standard I affectionally refer to as "BS"9000.

It's fraught with redundancies to QS, what's not redundant is poorly written but hey, Ford is so happy with it that it's unchanged since Apr '95.

The upside is that no one at Ford really knows what the standard is asking for either so just be confident with your "BS" and compliance is a breeze.

This "Depends° Moment" has been brought to you by QS9000!


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MMOG Replaces MS-9000

Introduction to Material Management Operations Guideline (MMOG)
(Industry-recognized standard that replaces MS-9000)

The Materials Management Operations Guideline (MMOG) provides a comprehensive set of business procedures within the materials management function of an automotive manufacturing organization. It was designed to complement QS-9000 by detailing materials management requirements. It is targeted for all tiers of the supply chain, including raw material suppliers, logistics providers, parts and component suppliers and re-packagers/sequencers.

Benefits of MMOG

The benefits of MMOG are as follows:

* Establishes essential components of a materials management system for suppliers of goods and services within the automotive industry
* Provides an industry-accepted continuous improvement tool for self-assessment of the materials process
* Drive material practices down through the tiers of the supply chain in order to achieve greater efficiencies and improved delivery performance

MMOG replaces the MS-9000 document. Compliance to the standards outlined in MS-9000 will continue in the same manner as a prerequisite to achieve and maintain Q1.

Copies of MMOG and electronic versions are made available to members of AIAG and are also available to non-members for a nominal fee. Further information can be obtained by visiting AIAG's website at or by contacting them directly at 248-358-3570.


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M-7 Materials Management Operations Guideline


M-7 Materials Management Operations Guideline
Current Version and Publication Date:
Version 03.00 Approved June, 2001


Historically, automotive companies have established their materials processes without the benefit of an industry-accepted guideline. As a result, companies have developed materials systems that may not be as effective as they could be. Larger automotive companies have begun to establish supplier assessment programs for determining the effectiveness of their suppliers' materials management systems. The most widely recognized example of this was Ford's MS-9000 program.

The need for a guideline for materials management operations was identified in the M-4 Manufacturing Assembly Pilot (MAP) project. The results of the MAP project prompted Ford to develop the MS-9000 documents, which in conjunction with on-site supplier reviews have been helping Ford suppliers improve their materials process over the past several years.

Without a common guideline, automotive suppliers are subjected to multiple supplier development programs. In response, the Materials System Guideline Development Work Group was established in 1997 "to establish a guideline that defines the elements of a robust materials system to manage the flow of productive materials and information for the North American automotive industry."
Table of Contents

* Introduction
* Manufacturing Assembly Pilot (MAP)
* Materials Model
* Guideline & Self Assessment
* Glossary
* Appendix A - Lean Manufacturing/Lean Material Flow
* Appendix B - Self Assessment Score

Price Information:
AIAG Members:
Hardcopy & toolkit diskette - $10
Electronic copy - FREE for downloading from our Members Only Website
(Password required to sign on)
Hardcopy & toolkit diskette - $50

Ordering Information
To order this publication:
Download an order form OR
Call AIAG's Customer Service department at 248.358.3003,
8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

Adriana G. Aiken

MS 9000

Does this mean that we have to have seperate procedures for MS 9000 or will Ford be satisified with us proving effectiveness with ISO/TS 16949 standards?


I just finished "writing" the MS9000 Manual. (somehow it became Quality's job to write the Materials Manual??)
We decided to go that route only for ease of showing compliance to MS9000, it was a group decision. Most of the manual references back to our TS16949 procedures anyway, so it would also be very easy to update a few TS16949 procedures to include MS9000.


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Someone just e-mailed me asking for a 'peek' at an MS9000 'manual'. I don't have one. If anyone has one they would care to share, I'm sure it would be appreciated as an attachment to a reply in this thread.


I am attaching our MS9000 Manual....just through the second draft. It pretty much repeats the standard, but should be a good start for everyone.
I hope this attachment works



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