Monitoring and Measurement Methods


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Apart from internal audit (and 9.3 perhaps), can u provide some examples of monitoring-measuring methods? Thanks.


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Can you be a bit more precise about specifically what you want to measure and monitor?

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If I understand you want to measure processes. How do you measure them now?

If the process is making plastic bottles, maybe you measure yield i.e. # of good bottles vs. bad per hour; or number of bottles made per hour; or maybe you use an I-MR SPC chart to monitor wall thickness as measured by calipers at a certain location on the bottle, which is a critical factor for you.

Does this help?


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Apart from internal audit (and 9.3 perhaps), can u provide some examples of monitoring-measuring methods? Thanks.

Maybe track a process such as an inspection point in the production process and track how many times a nonconformance is found and/or documented. Set a target to have 5 or less a month. Track it and take appropriate action if it goes over the target. This is an example of a KPI.

how many errors occur in the customer order process,
how many times a late shipment occurs,
how man times the supplier is late delivering supplied components


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OK. Thanks to everyone.
But these are KPI...and KPI cannot be substituted with methods!
I am confused, ISO says - more or less - "methods and KPI" (4.1.1c) methods should I use??

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Use inspections and testing, record the number of transactions or parts inspected or tested and the number of defects or errors found, or the actual results if the test involves continuous data. You can also record things like process times and record them. Then monitor the results using SPC or simple run charts vs goals or specification limits....


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Monitoring and measuring methods could include:

  • Tools/Technology/Methods used to ensure product meets requirements out in your production area (presuming you are a production operation)
  • Surveys
  • Quality control activities
  • Dashboard/Visual management
  • Collection of data for business intelligence (i.e., data warehouse)

Almost anything can be framed to be a monitoring/measuring method that will generate data to support a KPI.
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