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We are developing the software and released to customer. Based on Customer Requirements we develop the software and we do testing during various stages of development and finally we installed in customer after proper testing is over. Here i have a question, whether i have to exclude this clause(7.1.5) from our quality manual. In previous version, it was Control of Monitoring and Measuring Equipment so we excluded it. But this version mentioned commonly as Resources. So we don't know, it is applicable for us or not?


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This is exactly even I have a query ?.
For version 2008 the cl 7.6 is excluded, for the revised version (2015) the corresponding cl 7.1.5 - is not applicable with the same justification as it mentioned in 9001:2008.


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A quick weekend "Bump". Can anyone help with this question? My Thanks in advance.

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Good day Anubala,

My concrete answer to your question is "It depends."

The relevancy of 7.1.5 depends on your using instrumentation that could be inaccurately reporting if there is a setting or adjustment possibly permitting an unreliable indication. So, 7.1.5's relevance depends on what you use to do your testing.

If all your testing is personally performed for function, then it could be argued that no calibrated equipment is involved so the traceability clauses would not apply to you. Your scope statement would describe that; as you no doubt know, we can't just list exclusions anymore.

Many registrars will still expect process metrics. Dr. Christof Ebert did a nice job of describing Software Project and Process Measurement, as did (broken link removed).

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