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How to approach process measurement for a software company?Thanks in advance for your inputs.


It's been a long time since I have done any software work, but here are a few things that I remember that may apply.

First, identify all of the important product-related processes that occur from initial contact with the customer through final delivery. Then determine what the best available measurements are for each process, and how they can be implemented. I think a cross-functional project team may be a good way to develop both of these.

For example: one process is sure to be determining and documenting the detailed customer requirements. Another process is going to be transforming the requirements into top-level software functionality, and creating a storyboard for review. At the same time, another process may be transforming the customer requirements into a test specification for the software. Another process might be transforming each functional area into software modules. Later, each module (from a more detailed storyboard) has to be coded and debugged, and then tested. (Is number of tests passed a measurable?) If the tests are derived from the customer requirements, then that gives you the degree to which you are meeting the requirements.

Again, this is just a few simple suggestions. It has to be driven by the way your team works, what processes you identify, and how you want to measure the effectiveness of each process in meeting the requirements.
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