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Monster VW GOLF W12 - The Stuff Dreams are Made of!


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I am in awe of this fantastic creation. I am a true fan of German Automotive Makers and this just reinforces that 100%. It is an awesome car, shame it's a one off!!!!!!

Golf GTi's are world renowned for their great performance, from the Mk1 right through to today's golf, but this defies all of them, I am assuming this is the same engine they put into the Bugatti.

Excellent VW, hats off to you......:applause:

Edit: I see they use this engine in the Audi A8 and Bentley Continental GT. Not too environmentally friendly, but if you own any of those cars, how often would you really use it?!!!!
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Me too!

I bet it gets a bit hot in there - sharing the passenger space with that engine! But what fun at the traffic lights......

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