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I am fairly new as a Quality Manager and looking for some tips, advice, suggestions, or really anything about holding an annual Quality Team Meeting. I have been with the company as the Quality Manager for about 2 months and now that I feel that I have a firm grasp on the business, I am looking to start holding monthly or annual Quality Team Meetings.

I want this meeting to be beneficial for everyone. I plan on giving them an overview of how the site quality(our quality objectives) is up to that month and some areas we may be able to improve on. I also want to touch on any improvements at the site to be transparent about the future(we are currently partially moved into a new facility). I also want this to be an open and honest discussion about challenges they have faced and what I can do to help and I hope that they will share any improvement ideas they may have as well.

I am one of those people that hate when days are bogged down with meetings, but I also feel that it is important to touch base with my team as well and provide updates as well as receive feedback from them.

So please, if anyone has any suggestions, tips, or advice, I would greatly appreciate it!


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Adding to Randy's great post...I would suggest making a topical speaker part of the soiree, someone who will cause the troops to think about their daily battles and how they can incorporate said topic or suggestions into their repertoire.

For example, recent developments in metrology, new software releases i.e. Minitab products or similar given the annual nature of this...go for broke...of course there may be a cost associated with doing so...but it is worth it in the long run

hope this helps
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Make quality personal...As QA/QC inspector's for Lockheed Martin on a pretty large aircraft maintenance contract when we signed off completed work it was one of our responsibilities to participate in the functional ground testing and then strap the bird to our butt and do the Maintenance Test Flights (MTF) sitting in the front seat with the Maintenance Pilot (I've got over 4,000 hours in broken helicopters and fixed wing aircraft myself. Flight's could be 15 minutes to 1-2 hours depending). QUALITY WAS PERSONAL!

It was also personal to the mechanics, every one of whom had been flight crew chiefs themselves and very well knew the consequences of poor quality work.

Figure out a way to make quality personal to your people. It was easy for us, but general industry not so much.


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I try to throw to the attendees as much as possible. Instead of me summarising everything, I try to say "Oh Johnny raised a noncomformance, Johnny can you tell everyone about it". Or "Cathy noted a potential improvement, Cathy tell us about it". That way they are active participants.

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If you really want honesty I would augment this meeting with one on one meetings with team members to hear their thoughts in addition, if thats possible. If not maybe with supervisors and a random selection of shift workers.
As a Quality Manager you needs to identify the requirements as per standards the organization is following. start with the gap between what is going on and what is required. Then quantify each and every activity in your organization through setting KPIs and monitoring them carefully. Present them in MRMs as per frequency. Set policies, objectives consulting top management , training sessions. Continuous handwork and culture developments. Conduct regular internal audits. Identify NCs and suggest Corrective actions and not the least make continuous surveillances and walkdowns engage people develop team, coach and motivate guide them get results.

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There is some good advice above. I will add that I try to do what you are talking about once a month for 30-60 minutes. I always end by going around the table and giving each person a final chance to speak. I say final chance, because they have been speaking some already.

The first time I called one of these meetings the folks were shocked, because in several years the previous QM never held a meeting with them and would get snippy when asked questions!


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My favorite Quality meetings were when the QM bought pizza. Eating lunch while discussing what's going on in the Quality Department made it more informal and reduced reluctance to participate.
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