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Recently, my Lady and I got a chance to visit my family in Walker County, AL. She had never been there, so meeting my family was new for her. There was a part that is not new for her, and that is giving bears to police for children in distress.

Some here know she and I support a charity known as Teddy Bear Cops. The local paper did an article on us giving the bears to the Sheriff's Department. The Deputies were actually excited to get the bears. Each of them grabbed two bears to go on patrol IMMEDIATELY!

I thought I would share the article. Everyone can support this. Even a bear or two, given to local police will find its way to a child that truly needs that bear. The bears do not have to come from the place my Lady and I use, they can come from any safe source. We encourage everyone to support this. The children at that moment are devastated, after surviving a car crash or seeing a family member abused, or other tragedies. Give bears.

Here is the article link:

http ://www. mountaineagle .com /view/full_story/23164280/article-Couple-donates-Teddy-bears-to-Walker-County-Sheriff-s-Office?instance=latest_articles - LONG DEAD LINK
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