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More allegations of unethical behavior in the Aerospace Sector

Sidney Vianna

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Staff member
According to the article available @ Penn Yan man charged with falsifying inspection reports for spacecraft parts another SpaceX supplier is being accused of unethical behavior, by falsifying inspection records.

While, apparently, the supplier in question is not listed in the IAQG OASIS database, let's remember that AS9100D 7.3.h) requires the organization to ensure that persons doing work under the organization’s control are aware of the importance of ethical behavior.
I read about this earlier. What I read shows that he could go to prison for 10 years and that the company went out of business because SpaceX pulled them from the approved vendors list (which is good).

On a slightly sarcastic note: I am sure he was aware of the importance of ethical behavior, just choose not to follow ethical behavior. / End sarcastic note.
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