More Ice, More Snow, More Coffee



Good morning folks.
4 inches of fresh snow and the third Monday in a row for our local school to be closed. There will be 6" of this stuff before it all ends by Noon. A good layer of ice underneath too.

OK now, to take away them frowns caused by winter blues, I have something to make you smile. My wife & I bought a hamster for our 8 1/2 yr old son yesterday. What a joy it has been to see the love come from this little boy. He is so tickled.

We had to leave our dog to a new home when we left Texas a couple of years ago. We are not allowed to have a dog here at this house we have been renting. There has been a void for 2 years, and after seeing what joy has come to my son, I wished I would not have waited so long to do this.

It is so great to know that no matter what goes on in the world or here at my job, I can be put at ease so quickly at home with a hug and a smile from my son.

Have a great day folks.
-Dan- ;)


My daughter is soon to be graduating from school. I receive such joy from her desire to still be seen with me. My son is 15 and also still wants to be around me. You are absolutely right in your assessment.

It is so great to know that no matter what goes on in the world or here at my job, I can be put at ease so quickly at home with a hug and a smile from my son.

Don, my hope and wish is that you never lose this thought. It will be just a matter of seconds that your 8 1/2 year old will be 18. May both of you always enjoy hugs and smiles.

Mike S.

Happy to be Alive
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Think you can teach that hamster to point birds or run rabbits?:vfunny:

I have had my fill of snow for the year. Over 50" this year so far, 24" last weekend, rain this weekend, couple inches predicted for this week, everything is a wet, mucky mess one minute and ice the next. I'm ready for fishing. Spring, where are youuuuuuuu????

Randy Stewart

That's Right!

no matter what goes on in the world or here at my job, I can be put at ease so quickly at home with a hug and a smile from my son.

You are so right Dan. With my first 3 (2 sons & a daughter - 18 to 23) I was deployed a lot of time and missed so much of their growing up. 1 day their not walking and the next time you see them they run. With my daughter, now 2, it is different. I'm home more and see more of her. You can have the worse day ever dreamed of, and walk in and get that hug and nothing else matters!!!

After shoveling the snow this weekend I came in sat down and groaned a little. My daughter came up and asked if I was okay, before I could answer she put her hand on my forehead (feeling for a fever) and asked me again if I was okay. The stiff shoulders and sore back melted away as I laughed and hugged her. Their innocence and wonder at the simplest of things is such a joy to see.

Laura M

Bring me a Kleenex

You guys.....I get all teary eyed at these stories! My kids do the same thing to me. Usually when I think I've had enough of the running around, taxi mom something totally cool will happen. I was never the type to "choke up" at happy/funny/cute things until I had kids. They'll do that to you.

And.... I never had a dog as a kid. 3 years ago, I 'gave in' to the runt of a collie/shepard litter. The 'runt' now weighs 90 lbs, but to the kids he thinks he's a lap dog. Very smart and loyal. Then this fall, to keep him company, we fell in love with a mutt from the pound. The 2 are hysterical together, and the kids adore them. The 2nd one now keeps the older one occupied when we're not home. Congrat's on the new addition D_Wood. You're right about the joy a pet can bring to the kids.


Laura, you are right about pets, but I think you are wrong about the type.

Watching fish can keep kids occupied for hours. True, you can't play fetch, hunt, or cuddle with them but then again:

1) They don't wake you in the middle of the night to go bathroom, nor do you have to change their litter box
2) They don't wake up the neighbors with their constant barking
3) They never damage your favorite chair, or drapes with their claws
4) They never go bathroom in your shoes
5) They never try to copulate with a guest's leg
6) When either they die, or you get tired of them they are easy to get rid of. More people will accept them, or they fluch down the toilet nicely
7) If they get too big, they can be easily converted into New England Chowder.

So, as you can see..... fish are far superior to dogs or cats.

Laura M

We have them too!

We have a fish tank too. Down to 3 fish due to lack of attention. Before dog #2 we had a cat. The cat did most of the household damage - the ornery little b@$t@rd. I don't ever want another one of those. He croaked this summer at age 16. I actually ran him over (accidentally ;) ) about 6 years ago, and had to spend $250 to get his jaw wired. The SOB wouldn't even die then! Do I sound bitter? He was the one that did the coach and drape damage. The dogs are very submissive to the head of the household - the lawn however, is suffering a bit.

#1,3,4 and 5 from the list hasn't been a problem at all. I have gotten a call about barking, but I think we have that in check now.

Jimmy Olson

I have to agree with fish being great pets and keeping my son entertained, although it is irritating when you have to pull out Rescue Heroes or other toys :vfunny:

Currently my pet list includes:
37 fish
2 cats
1 dog
1 2 1/2 year old boy :D

Randy Stewart

1 Better

I'll go 1 better. Check out the Aquarium Screen Saver in Window Plus for XP!!!! You don't have to feed or flush these, although removing a toy from their tank could mean serious problems!:biglaugh:

Bill Ryan - 2007

While I was on the road a couple of months ago, my wife gave in to the 8 year old boy and bought him two (Guaranteed - same sex) mice. We just had a second "litter". It's a good thing the pet store buys them back after six weeks!!!!!

I agree with all in saying that there is nothing to top the hug I still get after a terrible day (even on a good day)!!

Now if I just teach him the opposite of "NO". :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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