Movement of Final Product from One Warehouse to Another


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I am looking at an FMCG Site that is building anew warehouse to cater for their product load and sales forecast after installation of a new production line. The new warehouse is across the trcuk access road through the plant. We have looked at various ways of getting the product across. Pallet conveyors are an option, however the maintenance would be great, and it would be in a curent area of high traffic. I have looked at perhaps rerouting the road, but it is difficult due to the site being built on multi-levels. Has anyone had any similar issues? I cannot post the layout due to this being a highly favourable brand.

The new Warehouse is 60m away as the crow flies diagonally (NE).


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Is the product already palletized or can the individual cases be sent across and be directed and palletized in the warehouse? It would in my estimation be cheaper to created conveyance for cases than for pallets if you are automating.
I worked at a big online retailer for a while and they had a pretty impressive conveyance system. It was all single warehouse there but the way some of the products were conveyed to different areas (up, over, around and down) would probably be somewhat applicable. Of course UPS helped them design their systems in order to gain the delivery contract.
A couple of the Coca-Cola had pretty impressive conveyance systems as well.

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