MRM (Management Review Meeting) Template for ISO 9001:2015



Morning all,
Anyone have a MRM template for ISO 9001:2015?
Finalizing my Audit finding CAR (only 2!) and my MRM was not liked as it was still to the 2008 categories. Would appreciate help on this. We are a 5 person small distributor.


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Re: MRM (Management Review Meeting) Template for ISO 9001:2015 - Help

I'll tell you how I approached it.

As with the previous version of the standard, the language is such that the deliverable of some of the requirements overlap, and in a review meeting you would wind up referencing the same issue multiple times. Perhaps looking at it from different angles, but it would be the same issue.

So over the years I'd revised my 9001:2008 template, making sure to contain all of the issues listed in the standard, but somewhat rationalized in content and format so that the discussion would flow more rationally.

When it came time to create my 9001:2015 template, I began to do the same thing, but after multiple unsatisfactory iterations I decided to try something else.

I parsed out the requirements of 9001:2015 (9.3) sentence by sentence and printed it.

I cut that into pieces, one for each sentence, and laid them out on a table. I began arranging them into a sequential order that made sense to me.

I wound up with a logical flow for most pieces, and a couple of stacks that didn't cleanly fit into that flow. So I grouped the items in the stacks as appropriately as I could, and chose what seemed to me like the best place in the flow to place those stacks.

The resulting document reflected the language and requirements of the standard in as user friendly a format as I could create. I'm sure there's room for improvement, and it's not ready for prime time yet.

I hope this is helpful to you. It seems to me that given the size of your organization that this would be an appropriate way for you to approach the requirement.
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Re: MRM (Management Review Meeting) Template for ISO 9001:2015 - Help

Thank you so very much for your kind response and guidance


Re: MRM (Management Review Meeting) Template for ISO 9001:2015 - Help

Not sure if this helps but i did the same thing as well. I looked at the requirements in 9.3 and came up with a basic agenda from that. We are 9001/14001 integrated so i did it two ways. Here is the integrated version and separate. Once again only an example that meets our needs.

Good Luck


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