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We will move a form measuring device from one laboratory to another in the company. We will do an MSA study 1 before and after the move. Is an MSA Study 3 required after MSA Procedure 1?
If you could explain, I would be very happy.
Thanks in advance.


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The Type 1 R study will assess whether there was any impact to the device itself from the move. If you think that the difference in operators running the equipment may be significant, run the R&R study. If they are equally skilled, it will probably not be necessary.


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Hi Nihls,

Its tempting to constrain an answer to your question to MSA tools, but in doing so it will limit learning if this situation arises again in the future.

You have a measurement system which needs to be moved elsewhere. The sources of variation during operation will be largely centered around people, methods, the equipment and the environment.

So, if you don't currently have a study which flushes out and can quantify the effects of these variables in your current equipment situation you should. When the equipment moves it may be subjected to a new environment, new less experienced people for example so you need to ascertain whether these sources affect your measurement result.

A type 1 GRR is effectively a run chart of the measurand measured multiple times with the repeated values plotted against tolerances with some statistics computed. The value of this could be debated at length but its clear its one person measuring one part multiple times.

If your new location uses the same operator measuring the same feature on the same machine, same method with the same control on the environment then another Type 1 is logical. If however you know or suspect you will use different operators or other aspects have changed or might change it would makes sense to do the full GRR to flush out the effects.

If the machine is delicate there may be an effect to the accuracy as well as the repeatability from the move so you it makes sense to run your Type 1 with a calibrated artefact before and after which the study takes into account.

If you have to run a full GRR after the move I would advise that you have one to reference before the move too!

Hope this helps
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