MSA - Dealing with inherent within-part variation in assemblies


I am currently working on methods to account for within part variation which is unavoidable in testing some assemblies. This may be due to break-in, lubrication, thermal effects, or just plain 'nature of the beast'. As anyone familiar with MSA knows, w/in part variation will present as measurement system variation. if anyone else has ways of mitigating, or have any ideas, looking to hear from you.


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Can you provide more detail on the product? The methods will be very application specific. I understand the general issue that you are describing as I have encountered it numerous time when testing complex electro-mechanical devices. However, the solution varied depending on the product and characteristic. The generic solution is to substitute a simple surrogate for the complex product. This might be the substitution of a spring with similar force characteristics to the product. The actual solution will depend on the product and characteristic.
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