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I am workking in a design firm of an industry (Located at seperate location). We have the 3-4 verniers with us, which are used by peoples working on various projects may be on once or twice in a month or two. We do those measurement not to confirm the quality of the product but to get the rough idea of the dimensions of proto types during development of the product.

In this situation, are we required to do the MSA?



It depends on your evaluation of your risk and your customer requirements. Generally an MSA is applicable to product evaluation so it would be done for devices that are used in the acceptance of that product. However if you determine that your risk is high or your customer requires that you do an MSA then you should do it. No matter what, you should have the devices on a calibration cycle so that you can be assured that they are measuring correctly and in good working order.

Jen Kirley

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MSA is meant to understand the ability of the instrument and users to reach uniform and consistent results when measuring. It is not always required but can be a very useful exercise.

What is your prototype? If it is a medical instrument, jet engine part or nuclear power plant component, I would say the risk of error is great enough to do MSA on verniers used only rarely for rough dimension checks as you've described. If your prototype is an object with little risk, such as a pencil eraser, then I would say the MSA probably would not be worth the effort.

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I would suggest that the vernier is such a low tech instrument that using one means you are in a low risk environment. I have yet to see a useful MSA on these instruments. But you may need to do one to keep people "happy."
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