MSA for wire crimp pull test.


Hello I am currently conducting an MSA study for wire crimp pull test using. I'm still a university student and this is the fist time doing destructive tests. I've already read some posts on this website but I still haven't figured out how to do this.

Currently this is the data that I have:
Minimum force (N)
Locator used and adjustment of the crimping tool.
Cable Gauge
Measure Result (N)
And operators.
What is tricky is that I was told to do a total of 5 different calibers, which 3 of them have a different locator and adjustment of the crimping tool due the wire contact used. Total of different combinations of cable gauge and adjustment = 8
The minimum force is the same per Cable gauge.
How should I do this?
I was told that with this information I am able to do both Gage R&R and Gage Linearity and Bias.
I dont know how to place this info on Minitab, what is useful and what is not. If I should do just 1 study on Gage Linearity and Bias with all results (the issue is that there is no reference measure, just minimum accepted force of the pull test).
And then separate Gage R&R worksheets for each Gauge and adjustment. Is that ok, or is there a better way to do this?

Per cable gauge and adjustment are 15 measures. So there is a total of 120 measures
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