MSA (Measurement Systems Analysis) and Control Plan




"Appropriate ststistical studies shall be conducted to analyze the variation present in the results of each type of measuring and test equipment system. this requirement shall apply to measurement systems referenced in the control plan." - #46 of QS9K

my question is:
now we only performed MSA on the measurement systems using to measure the characteristics
of product.
do we need to perform MSA on the measurement systems using to measure the characteristics of process?

have a nice day! Apr.,06/1999


Hi Chen.
Yes, and no. If you list a measurement device in your control plan, in the "Evaluation / Measurement Technique" section, assuming you are using the APQP Control Plan format, you must have an "...analysis of the linearity, reproducibility, repeatability, stability, and accuracy of the measurement system..." Page 43 of APQP and Control Plan manual.

It should probably read "and / or" because some gage systems just won't have R&R, for instance. We have had no trouble with the "process" gages - temperature, pressure, timers, etc - listed on the control plan, as long as there was a record that they were calibrated [or standardized] on time according to our (or manufacturer) recommendations.

If you refer to your FMEA, from where most of your control plan comes, there should be some consideration (effort) given to the reliance and criticality of those gages measuring high RPN valued features - process or product. Lower RPN values indicate less of a failure mode. If you are having trouble with the process gages in this regard, you may consider stating in a work instruction that a particular "process" gage is monitored, but some other measurement is performed that is easier to perform MSA on.

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