MSA (Measurement Systems Analysis) in a Continuous Process Enviroment


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I'm not real familiar with continuous processes but I'll take a shot at this hoping others will help out:

From: "Instrument"
Subject: Clarifications on MSA; QS-9000
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 15:24:59 -0800

Thai Baroda Industries Limited
3, Maptaphut Industrial Estate
I-1 Road A. Muang,
Maptaphut, Rayong-21150
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Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a leading ISO-9002 certified Nylon-6 tyre yarn/cord/fabric manufacturer in Thailand. We supply our product to all major automotive tyre manufacturers in asia pacific region: thus a second tier supplier to automobile industry. we are in the process of implementing QS-9000 in our organisation.

In our manufacturing, polymerization process & spinning process are continuous. We seek your valuable advise on Measurement System Analysis (MSA) QS-9000 element 4.11.4, as applicable to continuous process industry.

1. We have many on-line instruments in the process. These instruments control key process variables such as polymer temperature, polymer pressure, polymer flow, polymer level etc. These process variables play vital role in imparting 'special characterstics' to the product. As per APQP manual, we have to carry out MSA for all the instruments in control plan especially responsible for special characterstics. We are not sure how to carry out MSA for such on line instruments. No human element is involved for these 'on-line measurement system'. How to carry out repeatability & reproducibility (Guage R&R) for these instruments.
With no human you do only the repeatability part. I'll leave the rest of this open for now on my part and see if one of the others can help you with the details.

2. If there are several identical process lines, each having identical instruments, do we have to carry out MSA for

a) ALL identical instruments in ALL process lines (meaning each & every instrument in control plan) or

b) ALL instruments in ONE process line only (meaning instruments in other process lines will be calibrated periodically against master instruments).
My experience has been that where you have very similar instruments you can infer from one to another. Let's say you have 10 dial calipers - same manufacturer, same model, similar use, etc. Studies on one may be inferred on the others. You might want to do 2 and compare them to show that in fact this is the case. However, check with your registrar to determine their expectations.

Being the authority in the field of QS-9000, we seek your valuable advise on above querries. We will be thankful to you if you can also provide us addresses of other sources from where we can get clarifications.

Thanking you & with best regards

K. Sambasivam
Management Representative
We're not authorities - just people involved in the same process (ISO, QS, etc.).

As far as other MSA information resources, off hand I can't think of any other resources in particular but I'm sure some of the other folks will have some ideas.


Fully vaccinated are you?
Just wondering is anyone has any contemporary thoughts on MSA in a Continuous Process Enviroment.
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