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Hi everybody!

I'm responsible for introducing MSA (acc. to QS9) into our company. When it comes to gages the measure dimension and so on there are no problems BUT when it comes to for example tensile strength equipment (destructive test): how should the studie be conducted? I have seen the sheet from Delphi but that does not make sense.



I think that that correct to perform this type of study can be found in the MSA manual. It is back in the appendix (c? g?) and tells how to do this. My basic understanding is that you essentially make a run chart for each of the tests that you perform. Anyway, I dont do calibrations, I have just read the extremely dry and boring MSA rag a few times. You better double check




No, I don't thinkt this procedure is described in the MSA manual. I have read this a couple of times as well.



Hi Don!

I have read most of the topics of Calibration and MSA but no one have had a good answer to this question. I think that is somewhat strange because a lot of companies must have faced this problem.
Have you any suggestions where the answer can be found?


Don Winton

<FONT COLOR=#B30000><BLOCKQUOTE>I have read most of the topics of Calibration and MSA but no one have had a good answer to this question.</BLOCKQUOTE></FONT>

I guess that would depend upon your definition of good. I assume then that the paper on R&R for attribute data did not help, nor the paper on process capability for attribute data.

<FONT COLOR=#B30000><BLOCKQUOTE>Have you any suggestions where the answer can be found?</BLOCKQUOTE></FONT>

I guess MSA is in the eye of the beholder. Suggestions:

  • A run or control chart on the variable data rather than the attribute data.
  • A control chart on the attribute data.
  • Process capability on the variable data.
  • Process capability on the attribute data.

Just because the AIAG publishes a book on MSA does not mean it is all-inclusive.



Roger Eastin

In the bibliography of the MSA manual, it lists a paper by Donald Wheeler (a good SPC/MSA/DOE expert) on MSAs done on Destructive Testing equipment. I would call AIAG and see how you can obtain a copy. Also, check the ASQ press catalog and look for a SPC book that has something on MSAs. I would also recommend Wheeler's book on SPC. Anyway, there are some other resources other than the MSA manual (as has been mentioned). The good news is that you are not the first one that has tried to do an MSA on destructive testing equipment!
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