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MSA or Calibration? What is the first thing to do?


Captain Nice
Staff member
You determine product characteristics you want to control. Next you determine what equipment you need. Then you figure out what you have in-house and what you have to buy. Then you buy what equipment you don't have. Next you get your in-house equipment calibrated, if not already (purchased equipment should be bought calibrated). Then you do measurement studies. Then on with the show!

Sushil Dutt

Re: What is the first thing to do? MSA or calibration?

To do an IMTE control system, from what should I start,calibration system or MSA?

Sushil Dutt

Re: What is the first thing to do? MSA or calibration?

Sir, I would like to know the difference between MSA 2nd & 3rd Edition

Sushil Dutt

Basic Difference between Cp,Pp & Cm

Thanks for giving reply to my first question. Sir, my next question is that what is basic difference between Process performance ,Process capablity & Machine capability. Pl let me know in detail



Staff member
Super Moderator
Re: What is the first thing to do? MSA or calibration?

Sushil Dutt,

Qualityalways is correct.....calibration first.....find a calibration provider accredited by NABL (the accrediting body in India) that includes the type of calibration you need in their scope, and have them calibrate your equipment.

Hope this helps.


Atul Khandekar

Quite Involved in Discussions
Re: What is the first thing to do? MSA or calibration?

Sushil, Welcome to the Cove!

As for your other question re. process capability, I would request you to please spend a little time with the "Search" function here. This topic has been discussed many many times in great detail..and you will find a lot of spreadsheets as well. If there is something you don't find, please do ask and forum members will be happy to help.

Yew Jin

For more understading and improving the measurement process, I think we should perform gauge capbility study by following steps below
7 Basic Steps To A Measurement System Analysis
Step 1: Preparation for the study
Step 2: Evaluate Gauge Stability
Step 3: Evaluate Gauge Resolution
Step 4: Determine Gauge Accuracy
Step 5: Calibration
Step 6: Evaluate Gauge Linearity
Step 7: Determine Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility
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