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MSA Reference Manual, Fourth Edition Now Available - June 2010

Atul Khandekar

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Got this in a newsletter from AIAG today:

The new Measurement Systems Analysis Reference Manual (MSA), Fourth Edition is now available

Purchase your copy today!

Developed jointly by Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Company and General Motors Company, the MSA reference manual provides guidance to automotive suppliers. The manual does not define requirements; it is a recommended guidance document and provides reference for selecting procedures to assess the quality of a measurement system.

You may begin using the MSA 4th Edition immediately . Due to the release of the MSA 4th Edition, the MSA 3rd Edition is now obsolete and no longer available through AIAG. However, it is recommended that you keep a copy of the MSA 3rd Edition for reference purposes .

To order your copy of the new MSA reference manual, call (248) 358-3003 or visit the AIAG Web site and select Products.

MSA Update and Workshop
Learn more about the MSA 4th Edition and the other Core Tools at the MSA Update and Workshop on August 19, at Vista Tech in Livonia, Mich.


Can the MSA 3rd Edition can be still used for validating gauges (in case of variable mesaurment or attribute mesurement).

And if the answer is no, what are the main differences between the two edition concerning Varible Syste Mesurement (Biais, Linearity, ..., Range Method, ANOVA Method, etc... ) and Kappa Method ?


I tried to list the differences I noticed at first look:

"Odak Info 40

Regarding MSA 4th Edition released by AIAG as of 06.2010;

Newly introduced and/or revised topics:

- Calibration systems
- Evaluating discrimination for adequacy
- Effects of “gage assembly and fixture error” on analysing MSA results
- SPC – MSA relationship
- GRR acceptability criteria
- Link between “purpose of measurement” and GRR evaluation
- Determining the bias (variable MSA)
- Determining the linearity (variable MSA)
- Advantages of using Anova method (variable MSA)
- Average and Range Method (variable MSA)
- Choosing the parts (attribute MSA)
- Cross-tab method (attribute MSA)
- Sample size (attribute MSA)
- Signal detection approach (attribute MSA)
- Analytic method example (attribute MSA)
- Practices for non-replicable measurement systems

Further analysis of listed topics can be accessed through "MSA Ed4 Analysis.pdf” file uploaded to Odak Data (e-library).

Savas Kutdemir
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