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MSA requirement for 5 Micrometers + CP changes need customer approval?

I am working on matching the Control Plan details with the Equipment/gages to be used and document simplifications. My questions are:

1. I have 5 sets of Micrometers. This set can be used interchangeably by our 3 inspectors during In-process and FQC. Am I required by IATF16949 or VDA6.3 standards that each of the 5 micrometers for the same Part Number and characteristics needs individual MSA / GR&R study?
2. Previous Engg team had submitted the PPAP package with CP- Control Plans, Process Flow, FMEA, etc. to our customer. When we reviewed the control plans, there were several steps inside that reflects how the raw material is undergoing the step-by-step machining process inside the CNC machine considered as "sub-process" (chasing, turning, drilling, chamfering, etc). Each sub-steps, as per submitted CP, needs taking off samples for the dim & vis monitoring that required impractical stopping the process to get samples from inside the machine. However, the final piece coming from the said CNC machine is the final dim outline of the finished product (except Washing and FQC steps) which is more critical to the Customer application. We recognized this "mistake" of over-documenting this impractical steps within the CP.
Now, we simplified the CP reducing from 17 steps to 10 steps. Do we need customer final approval before execution of the CP and documents alignment? Same Material, Same Machine, Same Process, Same Set of Operators, Same Production Line environment, except the documented CP unnecessary steps were deleted.

Your valuable inputs and sharing of experiences are more than welcome.

Best regards,
1. Quote from IATF 16949 FAQ 2018 :
A complete statistical study on each single piece of equipment is not required. Instruments with the same characteristics (e.g. measurement range, resolution, repeatability, etc.) can be grouped and a sample instrument (representative of the gauge family) can be used for the statistical study.

2. IATF 16949 par. :
If required by the customer, the organization shall obtain customer approval after review or revision of the
control plan.
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