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Part of our PQ(performance qualification) in qualifying our testers is to check for its stability. My recommendation was to use a golden board(good and bad) and test it for a period of time. Idea is to have the same result everytime I test the board. But what about if I don't have a golden unit? Is there anything that I can use to measure stability?
The approach is attribute as the test doesn't have a control on the input, it just tests it based from customer defined specs.

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Bev D

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you are manufacturing custom automated test equipment?
I assume the test result is pass/fail for the board as a whole?
but the tester is using continuous measurement values - unless you are only doing open/short testing?

Why can't you get a good and a bad board?


Hi Bev D,

We are a PCBA contract manufacturer.
Some of the boards we manufacture is very expensive, the reason why we cannot get a golden board.
Test fixture/equipment only tells us if the board passes or fails based from the pre-defined test parameters and limits provided by our customer
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