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MSA Study for a Leak Testing Device

Hello dear Forum members,

I would need your help/advice regarding Measurement System Analysis of a leak testing device. I come from automotive industry - assembly process, production of plastic pipelines and systems - SCR lines.
Since I am on beginning of a project, I have a PPAP requirement to perform a capability study of my measurement equipment (in my case control gauge - attributive MSA, but also leak testing device - ATEQ).

According to receipt that I currently have loaded on my ATEQ f 420device, and few tests that I have made, we are testing the parts on pressure of 8.5 bars...
The maximum allowed pressure decay is 2.5 mbars...

Could you help me with following:

-How to prepare the whole study
-Which parts to take (only OK with pressure decay up to 2.5 mbars or also NOK parts
- How many appraisers should be there ?
- Is this MSA study conducted by simply testing the 10 parts and recording the results?
- Is there anything particular that I should take care of when preparing for this?

I should also perform MSA study for Helium leak tester, for same application, according to customer spec. leak should not exceed the value of 1*10^-5 l*mbar/s.

Thank you for your help, any advice would be appreciated!


A Sea of Statistics
ok, so this is an operator executed test? The operator reads a dial, meter? How is the test period timed? Manually or by test equipment? These all effect how the MSA is structured and conducted...I can provide an excel template, or there are some available within this attachments search above
Exactly as you descriped, the test is partially performed by an operator (part connection and triggering of the test), the rest is controlled by leak testing device...Filling time, stabilisation time and testing time is device controlled feature, and those parameters are given by testing program , created by an engineer.
At the end the device displays the result on the screen (leakage 1.1 mbars) and gives to the operator green or red signal, depending on the result of the test.
Any excel forms or examples would also be helpful...

Bev D

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Are you interested in testing the continuous output (mbars) or just the categorical result of pass/fail (green/red)?
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