MSA Type 1 - Cg and Cgk ranges

Hello everyone,

Dealing with automated assembly and control machinery, our customers sometimes ask us to run an MSA type 1 study with their excel templates.

I know that for both Cg and Cgk the value 1.33 is quite a benchmark.

My question is: are there ranges of these indexes that are better than others? Or is it enough that those values are over 1.33?

This doubt of mine comes from one excel template I used once, Cg and Cgk cells were coloured in base of their values with three different colours, let's say for example:

1.33 < index value <= hypothetical range value | YELLOW | ACCEPTABLE
index value > hypothetical range value | GREEN | EXCELLENT

Is this possible/feasible/sane/insane/excess of strictness?

Thank all very much in advance.

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Additional question in that topic: is that procedure described in AIAG's MSA manual? If yes, where?

I once performed that but I thnik I used VDA 5 manual as a reference.

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