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MSDS process audit - Can any one give idea for checklist of the same

John Broomfield

Staff member
Super Moderator
Ensure top management has delegated their authority for you to do this:

1. Compile the requirements for Safety Data Sheets.
2. You then have a product (SDS) specification to use and maintain.
3. Report the nonconformities in your current MSDSs (better than expressing your “feelings”).
4. Then work with your colleagues* to design and agree upon the changes to the procedure for the SDS origination and upkeep process.
5. Add this updated process to your internal audit schedule but give your colleagues a month or two to implement the procedure while monitoring it/changing it for effectiveness.

Do not misuse audit to hammer in change.

Audit only against criteria already accepted by the auditee.

Best wishes,


*Safety Data Sheets are usually part of product or service design output.
External audit by Loyide

We are using MSDS templete which very old before GHS.

I have raised quality observation regarding reffrance mentioned in current MSDS had been replaced with EC No. 1272/2008 (CLP)
And management agreed to plan for update MSDS system to match GHS and for Europe with REACH (CLP).

System was reviewing periodically with reffing to standard or regulation status.

Jen Kirley

Quality and Auditing Expert
Staff member
We are located in Saudi Arabia,

Our products going to many countries as well as locally..(Africa Arabian countries...)
For Europe we generated SDS as per reach for that material only..

I just joined this organisation and I feel this in correct practice..
What do your customers need? What are the regulations in the countries of their residence? These are needs and expectations of interested parties, which organizations are required to consider in the Context section of ISO 9001:2015. An auditor will very possibly ask what you have determined as per these requirements and how you planned to meet those requirements. You describe already doing so for customers subject to REACH regulations. Why not migrate all of your products to the new format instead of using two formats? I expect your audtor may ask this question.
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