Multi-Site Umbrella Certification Transition Plan



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We have a multi site ISO9001 certificate. We have several facilities throughout the US. Our auditor wants to transition the corporate office to 2015 this year and transition the rest next of the company next year. To me this does not make sense, why would the corporate office be certified to 2015 and the rest of the company be certified to 2008 if we have an umbrella certification. Is this normal or should request the whole company be transitioned at one time?



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Re: Multi-Site Transition

I agree with you. If all facilities are under a single certificate, how can one location transition without the others? They are under one certificate because there is a common QMS for all locations. It's all or nothing IMO. You should talk to someone else at your certification body for clarification.

If the auditor means to audit the corporate office in December 2017 and audit the other locations in January 2018 it wouldn't be a problem. The 9001:2015 certification decision is made once and the certificate will be issued once for all sites.
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