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Yup, seen that way too often, especially when they hire you to "do a job" specifically like that, means their "team" won't play ball, or they would have easily done it themselves. What TM is really looking for in that case is is a "bad cop" with an attitude to get people in line and when everyone has had enough, dump him. Good riddance to them.
Got to know your audience. Nobody wants to hear about a "quality management system." The good ones just run in the background and nobody realizes it. I think quality types would have much more success getting rid of the QMS, ISO, IATF, AS, etc. jargon and just focus on good sound business practices. Life would be much simpler. Good luck.

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Sounds like you dodged a bullet to me. They sound like clueless idiots and you would have been fighting a losing battle the entire time.

Time will probably ensure they get exactly what they deserve.....
I always endeavor to get people to speak of it as the "business management system", since that's what it is. I'll miss the money, but not the atmosphere.


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I got into this QM position because the previous QM gave us 1 week notice before leaving. I got a whole 6 hours training on the computer system. 6 months later we had to get registered ISO 9001:2015... without any experience in ISO. It's been a nightmare learning everything (ISO, PPAPs, and such) and fixing other things that the previous QM failed to do or didn't do correctly (all the while trying to not "change" things). Plus I have to set up CNCs and occasionally run production :whip:

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