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I studied piano in primary school, then I switched to alto sax in high school. I played with a band and in a Jazz big band, then towards graduation I kind of lost the drive. Taught myself clarinet some years later but never really became anything at that. Oh, I played recorder (and still do) since about as early as I can remember...

Now my son (almost 14) is the great next musical promise. He started studying clarinet about 4 years ago and is becoming really good, orchestra and all. About 2 years ago he taught himself piano and now he's been studying that with a serious teacher for about 6 month. In the interim he also studied guitar for a while and he still plays it when he's too bored with the clarinet and the piano :) All in all making dad very happy and proud.

As a consumer I'm plugged to music most of my waking hours, mostly progressive rock, jazz and world music. 70's, 80's, 90's and occasionally some more current stuff. Can't imagine life without it.
If you’re a music listener that counts too. Some of us have our record collections and turntables, or digital devices, etc. I do not have a turntable or any records. I do have a nice stereo loudspeaker system with music that I have purchased in high resolution format. There is a ton of music that I won’t attempt to play! I do enjoy the 2 channel music as much as playing.

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