Must I have documentation of calibration upon receiving equipment?




When ordering a new piece of equipment that requires calibration on a yearly basis, must I have documentation of calibration upon receiving equipment, or can I wait for one year. The company I purchase this from will be the one doing the calibration every year.

Ken K

I couldn't imagine using a new piece of equipment without knowing if it was calibrated. What would happen if you waited a year to have it calibrated and find out it was way out of tolerance?
I don't know what kind of equipment you are talking about, but how can you justify a yearly schedule on a new piece of equipment?
I wouldn't feel confortable doing this.

Just my thoughts.

Al Dyer

Agree with kevin and would like to note that there may be some equipment that is calibrated by a suuplier before you bet it or during set-up. The might include items such as CMM's, granite plates , and gage blocks.

I believe a calibration certificate for them would be acceptable, but don't forget bias, linearity and stability which should be done at your facility to validate the state of the gage to meet your process requirements.

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