Must Tier 2 Suppliers register to TS 16949?



We are QS registered company. One of our divisions is actually our raw material supplier and is registered to ISO 9001:2000. We are planning to move the rest of the company to ISO 9001:2000 next year. I am told that it would make the most sense for me to move to TS at the same time.

We are a tier 2 company and our tier 1 customers have not as yet accepted TS for their suppliers. We also have non automotive customers that require ISO 9001:2000 by next year.

Does anyone have any input on when some of the tier1 suppliers will accept TS or if I can maintain QS based on 1994 along with ISO 9001:2000 and TS?

Don Wood - 2011

You should of course contact your customers to confirm their thoughts, but in my opinion, moving to TS2 would be a good idea. Your Tier 1 customers will be required to develop their suppliers with the goal of TS2 compliance, and ISO 9K:2K certification of their suppliers is required (ref. TS2 clause as a minimum. So if they're not requiring TS2 certification of you now, odds are they will be soon.

According to Daimler-Chrysler's customer-specific requirements, suppliers to Tier 1 companies must be registered to ISO 9K:2K by July 1, 2004, so announcements should be coming from the Tier 1 community very soon.

Hope this helps!

RG Ohidy

From what I have been told during auditor training seminars, is that you can only be certified to TS if it is a requirement of your customers. I was told that if your customers have not made this a requirment, then you can not be certified to TS. In order to determine which of our customers required TS, I sent a survey out to all of our automotive customers (we are a tier two company). The survey requested a response as to what their company would require for a quality system, as QS is set to expire.
I now have proof on file of which customers require me to be certified to TS, which I can provide to the registrars.
My two cents.
Rich :bigwave:


Thank you for your input. I have sent out suveys requesting what out suppliers will except. The problem that I have is that some will except only TS and others only QS and other are requiring ISO-9001:2000. I have to move to ISO-9001:2000 next year which will mean maintaining two systems. I am trying to keep from maintaining three.

Is there anyone that is in a similiar position? I would really like to hear how other people are handling this.


In addition to what Dnd said; Our Ford STA hinted at "2005" Ts certification requirement for those seeking Q1.
On the subject of certification;
- A Tier I is not required to demand TS2 certification of its suppliers, only conformity as a goal.
- There is no differentiation between tiers/levels for TS2 certification.
Refer to the "Automotive certification Scheme for ISO/TS 16949:2002"paragraph 2.2:
"any "site" may elect to pursue third party certification to ISO/TS 16949:2002, however, such "sites" shall have demonstrated capability to conform to all ISO/TS 16949:2002 requirements. (See Annex1). Conformance with ISO/TS 16949:2002 for third party certification shall be based on objective evidence of meeting each applicable requirement , including customer specific requirements, at the time of audit."

Key word being; Customer, Customer Specific Requirements and Objective Evidence.
If "Customer" is defined as the OEM, Then. IMO, it would be safe to assume TS2 applies only to "tier I" organizations.
If 'Customer" is defined as one who receives a product, then anyone can become TS2 certified, if they meet the requirements stated above.

However, having said all this, I think the "intent" of the IAOB is for tier I organizations only to become certified. This would place the requirement for supplier control directly in the hands of the organization.
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