MVT(Multivariable Transmitter) accuracy- AGA3 and AGA8 calculations for Natural Gas



Please can anyone send me data on AGA3 and AGA8 calculations for natural gas.
I want to analyse the effect each factor in the gas equation would have on the overall accuracy of a Multivariable Transmitter (Rosemount 3095MV) configured using the Enginnering Assistant software.

Jerry Eldred

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Good Morning Valentine,

I am not too well versed in gas calibration factors. I will presume that these are the factors relating to the specific gas for how it thermally effects a flow measuring or controlling device?

For the moment I will have to see if any of those posting to this will have any information. Have you attempted to contact Rosemount with the request? That is what I think I would need to do on this.

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