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My boss wants a mix of Procedure and Form - Forklift and Manlift Equipment



Hi again,
The Health and safety deparment has created a procedure to establish the best practices while using the forklift and manlift equipment, at the same time they want the operator to fill out the authorization form; but in order to ensure they follow the procedure, they want the operator read it everytime they need to use the equipment, so they include in the form the procedure... at the end, the form becomes a procedure but with fields to fill out... I asked myself... what is that?... is that a procedure, a form, a work instruction or something else?... what I suggested is to make a procedure that make reference to the form but they want all the information in the form?
Any suggestions please...


P.S.: Sorry for the grammar, I am still learning english (it will never end)... I hope I explained myself


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Re: my boss wants a mix of procedure and form

You may also print the procedure as instructions on one side of the form (like work instructions) and the form as a form or checklist on the other side.

Another option could be just make a detailed check list with fields to maintain as record for everytime they use the equipment. In this way you will have the procedure / instructions as well as the form.

I hope this helps.


Re: my boss wants a mix of procedure and form

Doesnt matter what you call it. It will be a form, and when filled it will become a record. Let your procedure not repeat any details except say - Do it as per form no xxxx. You even have the choice of eliminating the procedure totally.
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Our training procedures also serve as records. There are details on what to train, how to train and results of training.
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