My gratitude to Marc & the Cove

Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
I am sorry that I missed Marc's "Misunderstanding/Thank You"until now, but I am glad I found it.

This is the kind of misunderstanding I wish there were more of. It is hard for me to articulate (yes, even for me) about how this made me feel. All I can say is that it should happen to everyone often.

Amongst Herzberg’s factors for motivation, he lists ‘recognition’. I was at odds with this because of the view I had taken after adopting Alfie Kohn’s thoughts on the destructive nature of recognition. I wondered how two figures I respect and who agree on most everything else could be so apparently opposite. I came to this conclusion: they aren’t in conflict.

I believe that the recognition that Herzberg describes is not the recognition typically thought of. I believe he is talking about the kind of recognition we realize for ourselves, for example, when folks come to you for answers because they find you dependable. This is very different than recognition given to you by committee in public or private. The pat on the back is nice and perhaps less harmful than rewards, sure enough, but it is not the reason why you did something. This is consistent with Kohn’s views.

I tell you this information because through our emails and in a personal conversation I had with Marc last week, Marc is not after public or private recognition (although he deserves both in my estimation). This to me is a testament to Marc’s good character. I respect his wish not to pursue his nomination as an ASQ Fellow, but based on my review of what is required to be a Fellow and Marc’s personal collection of credentials and contributions (the Cove being amongst this collection), Marc has what it takes.

I am also thankful for the many folks who come here to engage in discussion and in dialogue (something not widely practiced or appreciated) on Quality and many other topics. By reviewing my own posts from years back, I can see significant growth in my own thinking and a reshaping of my own personal theories on things. I don’t think I would have made this kind of progress without the Cove and without each of your thoughtful, constructive, and many times insightful feedback. I am relying on this in the coming year(s) to continue to contribute to my own learning. I hope that in some small way, I have done the same for you and greatly appreciate the opportunity Marc has given me by allowing me to help moderate a few forums. I would hope that if you have the means and the time that you might offer these to Marc to help make the Cove even more successful and to lessen the burden to him personally in maintaining the many forums we have created together. My personal list of thanks looks exactly like Marc’s and can't add to it not out of a lack of gratitude, but at the risk of leaving even one single person’s name off the list. I wish to thank everyone!!

I would also like to mention this thought. Back when the ASQ dropped the C from their name, they modified their Mission Statement. I recall this vividly because they forward draft copies to each section for review. While I can’t recall the exact verbiage (and could not quickly locate it at the ASQ site), the mission included a worldwide effort to increase quality awareness as part of the quality movement. In my opinion, Marc and the Cove Contributors achieve this aim, ASQ member or not. In addition, we achieve this aim, as evidenced by the participation at the ASQNet, with greater regularity and enthusiasm.

Thank you Marc for creating the Cove and thank you everyone!! Happy 2002!!

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