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My little web application about ISO 9000 - Looking for suggestions, comments etc.


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I'm going to write, in my spare time, some asp pages on ISO 9000. He looks like one database that I'm using in Access 97.
I build it writing ASP page using note block and "access 97/2000" database.
My home actually web server is quikwebserver. I have used too: personal web server;baby web server; apache and support for asp page. I put partially it online at the moment on Brinkster. ***DEAD LINK REMOVED***

My intention is write it for free, and put in it my experience in quality assurance.
Why, I think may be useful in the future for someone. I'm looking for suggestions, comments etc.
If somebody would try the code of my ASP page I can send it free.
Call me or write a mail, I'm happy to send to you the code.
I would like explaining the progress of my little application here in this thread.


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Hi all
I'm working on omeofest web site for smartphone and little web application too.
It is enougth change the first page and address to different style in function the support(pc or tablet or smarthone) that we are using
Working in progress
Please give suggestion.

Thank you
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Brinkster stop the free service for me after more than 10 years.
now I'm going to use that , 1apps

I have done this page about my CBC. Generally the pages was made for working for Smartphones too but i haven't again understand because if i clic on the graph there is a little problem......

ad the end of the page you can translate all in your Language with Google translators

If exit a message "to many session is active"
clik here and after retray the first link

or try another time. I'm a poor man and I have no money for payment service.
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Nice plan,

yeah, I would like trying make a site fo ISO management too (hope next project would be an apps)

but right now, the progress still 2%,
I'm still learn the MVC, DB etc.
because I'm starting from zero, :p

Hope, my site would be ready as soon as possible,

next I'll share the source code

sorry for my bad english
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