NADCAP Audit Nonconformances - Vacuum Furnace Load Sensors



Does anybody has an answer.
I am having a nadcap audit and the auditor found a NCR about SAT test it's a vacuum furnace single zone class 2 type B, we use 3 load sensors I sat furnace controller, recording system but I sat only one load sensor, auditor says all 3 load sensors should be sat, is he right? my procedure says only one load sensor to be tested, is my procedure right or wrong?


Any temperature sensor whose data is used to accept the load must have an SAT (or SAT alternative, if your company does that). See the Pyrometry Reference Guide FAQ regarding AMS 2750 3.4.1 (FAQ #25 in the current version). (If you don't have a copy handy, the Pyrometry Reference Guide is available for download from eAuditnet under Documents->Public Documents->Heat Treating->Handbooks->HT Pyrometry Reference Guide.)

If the other two sensors are for information only, not used to determine start of soak, and you would not reject the load based on their recordings, then you must document that in your procedures. If the other sensors are used to determine start of soak or other process decisions, or if a bad reading from any of the three load sensors would cause you to reject the load, then you must do an SAT on all three.
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