NADCAP Chemical Processing: Question about testing sub-contractor requirements



I need clarification on AC7108 Rev. H Para 1.2 , regarding requirements for suppliers of analysis and testing.

Para 1.2 states requirements for the use of a sub-contract laboratory for analysis and testing in support of AC7108.

I understand if I use an outside lab to do a process control test, like, say, a hydrogen embrittlement relief test, then the lab must be accredited to various Nadcap approved or nadcap specs.

Here's my question: What about there is an italicized note stating "Manufacturers that provide solution analysis and process control testing for their proprietary solutions may be exempt, provided....they have an in house laboratory, & hold a quality management system accreditation such as AS 9100, etc etc."

Does this mean when I purchase proprietary solutions, such as Alodine 1200s (Bonderite xxx, new name) for which I receive a Certificate of Analysis, I must also maintain that company's up to date Quality System Certification to comply with this requirement? Because, technically, the manufacturer is performing analysis in support of my chem processing?

What about suppliers of lab chemicals, like "Fisher Chemical Ammonium Hydroxide". Would Nadcap require that I keep proof of Fisher Chemical's quality system on file?

What about Paint manufacturers? They do analysis and testing of their paint and provide me with certs of analysis. Do the requirements apply to them?
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