Nadcap Composites with a "no" on the self-audit checklist


Hello All,
I understand that we will get finding(s?) if there are any "No" answers on our self audit, and we are working to correct this issue that we found but it may take some time. Would we get a finding for each "No" cited on the checklist or would it usually be lumped into one finding?

My company is open to improvements, not looking to shoot ourselves in the foot. We are already raising an Internal Corrective Action and taking steps the take care of the problem.

(One of my internal auditors was adamant about digging for findings during her portion of the job audits and now I'm questioning re-doing them myself if it's that big of a deal to have "no's" cited on the self audit.)
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_Bekki E

Per the NADCAP supplier audit handbook:
"All non-conformance(s) issued during the self-audit must be resolved prior to the actual Nadcap audit or the Auditee will receive a non-conformance during the Nadcap audit."

I would genuinely advise you to have your self-audit findings already in the corrective action process, even if they aren't complete, it is still better than not addressing them. You should have objective evidence to show RCCA and the progress of the implementation of the corrective action if it is not yet completed.
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